Cardio Exercises To Lose Belly Fat Fast

lose belly fat fast

If you are trying to lose belly fat fast, cardio is just one of the things you need to do to lose weight. The problem is to determine how much you need, how hard you work, and the best cardiovascular exercises. Your first step is to create an effective program for cardio and learn what these exercises can do for your body.

How Cardiovascular Exercise May Help you Lose Belly Fat Fast

You already know that you lose belly fat when you burn more calories than the ones you consume. The best way to do it is the combination of cardio, resistance training and a healthy diet. But the most fundamental of most weight loss programs, is cardiovascular exercise. Some reasons are:

• Helps you burn more calories in one sitting. Keep your heart rate means that your blood is pumping, you are breathing hard, you're sweating and burning calories, as a result you lose belly fat.

• As you know, doing a lot of cardio, you can burn 100 to 500 caloriesdepending on how hard you work, how long you exercise, and how much you weigh.

• Burn calories with exercise, it means you do not have to eliminate many calories from your diet.

• You can do cardio most days of the week without worrying about an injury or overtraining.

The Best Cardio

You and I know that cardio is very important to lose belly fat fast, but what exercises are best and how much we need to lose weight?The truth is, there is not really a better cardiovascular workout. The best activity is that you will do on a regular basis. So finding something you like is critical to reach your goal of losing weight. Some exercises offer more intensity than others.

Impact Activities: Exercises that involve some impact, such as walking, usually increases your heart rate faster than no impact exercise that involves cycling.

High Impact Activities: High impact, or exercises that involve running or jumping; they often burn more calories than those low-impact exercises like walking.

Activities of the Whole Body: When you include both the upper and lower body, such as skiing, it is often easier to get the heart rate and burn more calories.

Not mean that you should not bother with low-impact exercises. Both types of activities provide opportunities to burn calories, and doing both would give you a good program. For an idea to know what cardio can do for you, I will show a list of common exercises (based on a person weighing 150 pounds exercising 30 minutes).

• Aerobic Steps: 340 calories

• Stationary bike: 238 calories

• Swimming: 270 calories

• Walking at 4 miles per hour: 170 calories

• Running 5 miles per hour: 270 calories

As you can see, everything from walking to swimming can burn a significant number of calories, which is one of the reasons why cardiovascular exercise is so important for weight loss.

How Much Cardio You Need?

It is very difficult to know exactly how much cardio you need to lose weight and lose belly fat fast. We recommend 60 minutes of moderate to high intensity activity on most days of the week. To know how much cardio you need, varies from person to person and depends on several factors including:

• How many calories you consume

• How hard you work exercises

• Your metabolism, age and gender

• Your fitness level

• Your body fat percentage and weight

• Your exercise program

Here are some tips for creating an effective cardiovascular exercise to lose belly fat fast:

• If you are a beginner, start with 3 to 4 days of cardio of your choice, working at a level you can handle.

• At the time, every week, add more exercise time from 30 to 45 minutes of continuous exercise.

• At the time go by and you get stronger, try interval training once a week to help you increase strength and burn more calories.

• Work your way up to 5 to 6 days of cardio and try to vary what you do.

The cardio will help you lose weight, but it is more effective when combined with resistance training and a healthy diet low in calories.

Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat Fast

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